Memil Introduce

Memil F.O.R.E carbon technology.

To achieve the unique properties we seek in our frames we needed to find our own way to construct our frames. That´s why we created the F.O.R.E carbon technology process. We needed to get down to basic, needed to ask the right questions? How can we affect the property of the end product? How can we manage to control adjust and manage the property throughout the whole manufactory process?

To achieve the aimed attributes in each frame. We found out fabric layup and resin have the highest impact in how to manage control and achieve the properties we seek in each frame.

  • we work close together with carbon fiber experts to handpick the best carbon materials to achieve the ultimate combination of weight strength, toughness and flexibility.
  • we use different prepreg modules application in the layup process since different parts of the frame require different attributes. We use different prepreg modules layers to build a frame that behaves the way a rider wants.
  • all of our product are unique because we use different layup to achieve different properties with our different frames. Different properties different parts of the frame require different strengths and toughness.
  • EPS stands for Expandable Polystyrene System. EPS process allows us to make carbon frames in one piece and make them lighter and stronger.

    EPS production process is in an effort to both increase rigidity and safeness as well as to decrease the overall weight of the frame.

our process can never be static it’s always changing always becoming. The process must constantly evolve and stay ahead, challenge the limit of what the material can do. The process is a continuous quest, testing and development of new materials. Therefore each Memil frame is a work of art with one focus to bring more passion to your ride.

To our competitors we only say Beware before Memil is coming strong.