Welcome to world of cycling

Are you ready to be Ninja Rider?

If this is your first time or first few times riding the bike, MEMIL suggests you to practice first in an open environment without any interference from other vehicles or motorcycles, especially when practicing the shifter skills and the front and rear brake controls. If you is a novice for clip on cycling shoes, MEMIL suggests that you can familiarize yourself with the operations of the bike stickers before riding it on the roads.

Please do not forget that the best way to extend the service life of the bicycle and its parts and accessories is to treat it well. You should be take care of the tighten and lubricate the screws in each component. Moreover, you should ensure that there is no abnormality every time you finish riding it.

For MEMIL warranty policy, please download following instruction and warranty service card as below carefully.

Please fill up the form and send it back to warranty@memilbike.com