Memil means Ninjarider a speedster. For us it doesn't matter if you are a pro rider or a adventurer just taking the extra mile to achieve passion for speed and the sport of cycling. No matter what level you are on, everyone can ride a bike and run until the sweat runs and the lactic acid sprays. So regardless if you want to zigzag between the trees in the forest or between pedestrians on the bike path or go for the win in a major race. There is a ninja in each one of us.
Welcome to the Ninja family.
Memil is a new Swedish cycling manufacture on the market with their heart and workshop in south of Sweden in Båstad. Within Memil there is a long and broad experience of producing high quality carbon products. Memils have a strong R&D team with more than 20 years of experience of producing high quality bikes. Memil have control over the entire chain of production to ensures quality through continuous testing of the products.
The factory is ISO - 9001 certified and works according to the RoHS standard (SGS) and meets the requirements of both EN and the UCI for the highest quality of our products.

To be new it´s to be different, to be different it´s to be brave. Brave to stand alone, to try new ways and make our own path. We can´t brag about our history like others do, but for us our history starts with you. Memil makes product for those people that are brave enough to do what they do no matter what other says or think.

Passion for cycling, road and trail and the ability to create a great ride is the core of why Memil were founded. Passion it´s in the way we design, think, construct and ride our bikes. It´s what we believe you should achieve while you are out exploring your big adventure. No matter if you chose the road the trail our passion follows you. In your achievements, your triumphs to achieve victories.

The Team Memil Pro Cycling team will work as our test and development lab. Together we will develop our product and. We at Memil are looking forward to have a long term relationship with the team. And be a part of their development as well. Through the efforts, innovation and knowledge Memil focus on becoming a brand synonymous with quality and value.

Our technology innovations have one goal:


Nordic design with skill, technology and competence from Asia combines the Memil Brand